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Warm Water and Winter Sun

It was such an amazing weekend in Scott's Head. I enjoyed soaking up the winter sun and experiencing everything this beautiful place has to offer. The two beaches that surround the town centre, which features a very family-friendly camping ground, are so different from each other but equally gorgeous in their own way.

long beach in Scott's Head, NSW

I took my COKOON for a walk along the 7km long beach, and even went for a swim on the way home. That day, the wind picked up, and although the clouds covered the sun, I felt comfortable in my COKOON beach tunic.

The water temperature was warm, and sheltered in the COKOON, I simply walked back home without changing. Having this towel means I usually don't need extra luggage.


woman in bikini with beach towel that woks as tunic or dress and underlay walking along the beach in scott's head

The beauty of this town lies in the short walking distances and the stunning natural surroundings, with two surf beaches, numerous natural rock pools, and some calmer areas at the southern end of the long beach that locals affectionately call "kiddy's corner."

I highly recommend it. The three coffee shops add to its charm.


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