TGIF Mornings at Tuga+Village, Clovelly

TGIF Mornings at Tuga+Village, Clovelly

What better way to start the day than with a flat white from Tuga + Village. TGIF!!! Better even to add a home made portuguese tart to the order. Let them heat it up and put a dash of cinnamon on top. I was instantly transported back to Lisbon, Portugal. 

I took THE LILAC today, the stylish COKOON in an organic cotton jacquard weave.

Just run with minimal gear, button up the lightweight towel to a tunic and then use it not as a dress but as a sunbathing underlay afterwards. 

The towel being lightweight I can simply run down to the shoreline with my coffee in hand.

I love those warm winter days where the water is azure and clear and the usually busy beaches in the eastern suburbs are so serene.Today I saw a big whale jumping out of the water. What a great start of the day.


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